The VertiBaX brand evolved from the naming of a product developed out of necessity by the original and current owner. The need was simple: to help manage persistent lower back pain all day every day. The outcome was the creation of a Core Lumbar range of lower back belts and supports which warm core muscle groups using natural body heat whilst supporting vertebrae in the lower back at the L5/S1 level of the spine.

The original one sized Lower Back Healthcare Sensory Belt, VB101, was officially launched in 2006 and became a hit with physiotherapists across the UK, resulting in further development of a sized version. The VB119 Core Lumbar Healthcare Sensory Belt evolved and having passed through the Boots Centre for Innovation became an officially recognised lower back pain management aid.

VertiBaX Limited continues to explore the boundaries of innovation in material science as it continues to manufacture and supply Class 1 Orthopedic Support Devices, directly to end users, specialist stockists, private physiotherapists and the NHS. Registered with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), we are now proud to include back, wrist, thumb and elbow care aids in our range of joint pain management supports.

Product design takes place in Yorkshire with manufacture being completed in Cornwall by our team of product engineers. After over 15 years of manufacturing and supplying the healthcare industry, VertiBaX Limited continue to work to understand just why Core Lumbar Therapy is so effective at managing lower back pain, and work to further inter link the understanding of human biomechanics and physiology with material behaviour when used to produce effective lower back injury aids.

VertiBaX Limited also owns and supplies the SUPPORT4PHYSIO Amazon store, which has over the years built up a reputation for five star service.

Company No: 05912930

VertiBaX – Developing and Manufacturing Lower Back Core Lumbar Supports in the UK …….est 2006