Spinal alignment pillows, also known as neck care pillows provide support and stability to the neck, contouring around the head whilst sleeping. Comfort fit support neck and head pillows work to enhancing the alignment of the spine, relieving neck pain for patients of all size. At VertiBaX we recognise the relationship between using correct and appropriate support to enhance the bodies natural contours and anatomy. We believe that the Harley range of Spinal Alignment Pillows stand apart from others in that they; provides optimal support to the head, shoulder and neck, are ideal for back, side and stomach sleepers alike, helping to prevent common neck and shoulder pain. Also known as Harley Neck Support Pillows, Harley Spinal Alignment Pillows are perfect for those who often wake up with a sore neck and are supplied with a removable and washable slip-over pillowcase. Coming with a two year guarantee for shape and feel all products are moulded from liquid foam to ensure correct support and breathability, promoting air flow to prevent overheating. Harley Spinal Alignment Pillows have been recommended by healthcare professionals for over 15 years and come in a range of sizes to suit different body types.