Our History

Our Story and Products: VertiBaX back pain supports offer relief from lower back pain all day everyday (VB119), during activity (VB120) and during heavy tasks (VB121). VertiBaX Back Care Supports evolved out of a need to manage lower back pain following a life changing road accident to the founder and still owner of VertiBaX Limited. The VB119, VB120 and VB121 evolved from the early one size fits all products VB101 and VB102 and were officially launched in 2006, making these products available for general sale.

Since 2006, the VB119, all day every day lower back pain relief belt, our persistent lower back pain relief solution has passed through the Boots Centre for Innovation, has been officially recognised and endorsed by TV Doctor, Dr Hilary Jones.

Our Active Support, VB120, following its original development for UK and International Gymnasts, the VertiBaX Core Lumbar Active Support (VB120) is a world leader in preventing injury to the body’s lower back and core muscle groups during exercise. Featured in the Times Newspaper and used and endorsed by Horse Jumping guru Andy Austin.

The VB121, Heavy Task Back Support evolved from the VB120 at the request of TV and BBC award winning gardener Chris Myers, being used for the first time at the BBC Gardeners’ World Live Show at the NEC in 2011, during the building of the VertiBaX sponsored RHS Gold Medal Winning Bodgery Garden.

Our final completely unique and revolutionary back belt, is the Child Healthcare Sensory Belt, which again evolved following a call from an active group of Physiotherapists working for a Cerebral Palsy Charity in Glasgow, being carefully designed to provide sensory benefits to key muscle groups, to aid with sensory proprioception and compliment their Physiotherapy Programmes.

Since their entry into the back support pain relief healthcare markets, 15 years on the VertiBaX Back Care Supports are tried and tested, having now not only helped numerous sufferers of lower back pain manage their varying conditions but they are also high quality, being made from only the highest grade fabrics in the UK.

For less than the price of one Physiotherapy Consultation, the results of our products have revolutionised the management of lower back pain for so many and are designed to work in conjunction with a full range of Physiotherapy and Active Treatment Programmes.

VertiBaX Lower Back Pain Relief Supports can be purchased directly from our online store, through our SUPPORT4PHYSIO Amazon Store, or from a range of specialist suppliers to different industries, including Physiotherapists.

We would like to thank you for your interest and hope that using a VertiBaX to help manage your lower back pain, allows you to further enjoy your chosen activities in less pain, whilst minimising the risk of further injury.