Seat wedges, or seat wedge cushions as they are also know are placed on the seat of a chair to change the angle of the sitting position. By changing the angle of the thigh bone relative to the back bone reduces the pressure on the base of the spine and as a results helps to reduce lower back pain whilst sitting.

8 degree seat wedges can be considered as an intermediate angle seat wedge and provide a very comfortable sitting arrangement for many, by helping to restore and support the natural “S” shaped curvature of the spine. By using memory foam on the top surface of the cushion, designer Harley seat wedges mould to the shape of your body, as if made especially for you.

The Harley Designer Seat Wedge HL4083 is ideal for sufferers of invertebral disc lesions, arthrosis or degenerative joint disease, having a width of 36cm, a depth from front of the seat to the back of 36cm, and a thickness of 8cm at the base of the wedge narrowing to 4cm at the front. This particular orthopedic support device comes with a manufacturer’s 2 year guarantee.

The Harley range of seat wedges work very effectively with the VertiBaX range of Core Lumbar Healthcare Sensory Back Supports and Belts in helping to manage lower back pain.

For more information on our range of seat wedges visit the VertiBaX Back Care Store, Seat Wedge Posture Supports.

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