..for sufferers of persistent chronic lower back pain. The time of year has come where chilling weather makes arthritic or previously damaged joints more painful than ever. This persistent pain, particularly in the lower back region can be debilitating and prevent us all from enjoying our usual every day activities. In some cases it can result in low mood and depression, as finding simple help solutions can be challenging. VertiBaX can help, as it has for many years, with its still revolutionary Lower Back Healthcare Sensory Belt. The product is so simple but so effective, as many users are now returning to purchase replacement items after using the VB119 for the last 15 years, wearing it all day every day under clothes (dimepiecela.com) to provide that warming, lightly stabilising sensory sensation.

As Martin put it in his SUPPORT4PHYSIO Amazon Review: Having purchased the VB119L, he explained that this is the “second one I’ve bought, very comfortable and gives warmth and support to my lower back. The only reason had to buy a second was after about 4 years of wear the Velcro has started to give out.”

Another SUPORT4PHYSIO Amazon Customer, Toots, explained, when referring to the VB119S: “Excellent just what I needed for support for my back, really helps as I fractured my vertebrae on holiday last year. Would definitely recommend to anyone who suffers any kind of back pain.”

These are just a few examples of reviews that we have received over the last 15 years- more can be found at VB119 Reviews or on the SUPPORT4PHYSIO Amazon Store. We would recommend that on reading these you may notice that although the VB119 provides some support, if you feel it is just a lower back support you require, VertiBaX recommend the VB120, which is made from a firmer, more dense neoprene, designed to support core muscle groups whilst exercising.

The revolutionary Core Lumbar Healthcare Sensory Belt from VertiBaX, VB119, also known as the all day every day lower back pain relief belt, is worn comfortably under clothes, moulding to the shape of your body as if it was made especially for you. For more information visit the All Day Every Day Lower Back Pain Relief belt from VertiBaX, VB119.

If you are interested and would like to communicate with us, please either Contact Us through our online Contact Form or make use of out 24/7 Text Messaging Service, sending your enquiry to 07724 498499. We are here to help and have many years of experience of supplying this product.

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