The VB119 from VertiBaX can help. Based on customer feedback over the last 16 years, 70% of users have found this product helped significantly with their lower back pain. Our business continues to trade successfully due to this product and the global benefit it brings to it’s users. The data comes from feedback from low back pain sufferers who purchased the VB119 through our SUPPORT4PHYSIO Amazon Store, some of which we would like to share below – but all of which can be viewed by visiting VertiBaX Core Lumbar Healthcare Sensory Belt VB119 Amazon Feedback.

As with any healthcare product, due to the personal nature of medical conditions, different treatments will be more or less beneficial to different users. Based on this we are happy to share the full spectrum of feedback. This next bit is key and slightly frustrating for us when we hear feedback that says that the product is not supportive enough. The product is not a back support as such – it is a sensory belt. It is lightweight and is worn comfortably under clothes all day every day as required. It is almost like having an extra layer of skin. The science behind it is logical, keeping core muscles warm and relaxed, all day every day, without overheating, increasing blood flow, whilst creating an area of sense around an injured core, which helps to stabilise the lower back.

Please follow the link, VertiBaX can help your lower back pain, and and discover how the VB119 Core Lumbar Healthcare Sensory Belt from VertiBaX could help you.

As Carole gave it 5 stars on Amazon in 2021, explaining this is the fourth one I have bought they allow me to do activities that I cannot do without wearing a belt gardening, walking and just generally able to do a lot more.

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