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Research and Development – Some back supports unload spinal and trunk compressions….

Choosing the appropriate back support has been shown by research carried out by A Nachemson, A Schultz, G Andersson...

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Back Injury Supports

VertiBaX can help with their comprehensive range of lower back pain relief belts and supports. Our Story and...

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Manual Handling and Back Care at Work

We have recently been contacted regarding what the law says about manual activity and back care at...

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Bioprene Antibacterial Treated Thumb Braces

Antibacterially treated thumb brace, bioprene in nature, stabilising an injured and painful thumb.

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Antibacterial Treated Breathable Wrist Splint…..

VBX Wrist Splint: A unique antibacterial treated wrist splint developed and manufactured by the VertiBaX product innovations...

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Managing Lower Back Pain – All Day Everyday

Managing persistent lower back pain with the VB119 Core Lumbar Healthcare Sensory Belt from VertiBaX

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Fully adjustable lower back pain relief belt……

The original lower back pain relief belt from VertiBaX has become a favorite with physiotherapists, due to...

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Breathable Back Supports

VertiBaX all day every day breathable lower back pain relief belts, helping to manage lower back pain……...

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