Cycling is a first class sport for strengthening the soft muscle tissue in the lower back and core region of the body, which are key areas of strength needed if you are to avoid lower back and uppser hip pain whilst cycling. Not only this, but a strong core stabilises the lower spine helping to stabilise vertebrae movement whilst in a cycling position; the end goal being to reduce the chance of sciatica and serious nerve pain. Sciatica and nerve pain is something which will stop you from enjoying your sport or chosen activity.

Having developed the Core Lumbar Active Support, back in 2006, working with elite gymnasts to produce a product that stabilised the core but did not slip up or down the body during extreme movements, cyclists of all abilities are now benefitting from this device.

Most recreational riders take the position of the road rider from the diagram. Even in this more relaxed position, stress and strain is transferred through the core, something which can be reduced by using a VertiBaX Core Lumbar Active Support VB120. Such a simple but highly effective product, described by those who use it as a device that you forget you are wearing, not only a stabiliser of the core for someone who has a weakened lower back but a great injury prevention aid.

For more information visit the VertiBaX: Core Lumbar Active Support VB120

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