Back supports are designed to stabilise joints and restrict their movement whereas healthcare sensory belts act almost like a second skin, whilst providing a lower level of support. It is the lightweight, flexible, warming, non slip nature of the VB119 Core Lumbar Healthcare Sensory Belt (with the bobbled fabric as seen in the image above) that enables it to be worn all day every day without having a weakening effect on the lower back. This is what makes the VB119 revolutionary, as it targets the deeper physiology of the core muscle groups. The VB120 Core Lumbar Active Support (to be used during exercise or activities – rather than being worn all day every day and made from a higher density, smooth neoprene) is a supportive version of the VB119, and the VB121 Core Lumbar Heavy Task Active Support (made from the same higher density neoprene as the VB120, but double layered at the back with removeable stays) is a very supportive version of the VB119, ideal for protecting the back when carrying out heavy tasks, such as lifting, gardening or building.

AM (Founding Owner of VertiBaX Ltd, Biochemist and REPS Gym Instructor)

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